Cute California Babe
My Home Page

Lets Start Off With The Basics
Well lets see, to start with I am a married female (sorry guys....FRIENDS only). I am what I consider bi-curious, I have had some girl/girl make out encounters, but I am definitely into my hubby. I also like what I have experienced with other girls or ladies if you will. The one thing I like on girls that I am attracted to is nice size breasts. When I say nice size, I am not talking about torpedoes that stick out so far that a hug is out of the question. I like a lady to look fit, but not a body builder. Hell, I don't even like guys that look like major body builders, a nice body yeah, but most guys that I have met that are more interested in their bodies just lack the brain power.

Things That I Like To Do and Don't
Some of the things that I like to do include, visiting amusement parks, horseback riding in an open meadow, camping, going to see a movie or a play, spending time with my hubby, my friends, my cats and dogs, and sometimes just by myself. I don't like doing housework, paying bills, having cyber sex with some guy who thinks he is God's gift, and there is more, I just can't think of it right now ( I like to focus on positive things).

Details On The Things I Like
Well, let's see last summer (99) when Knotts Berry Farm opened its new roller coaster Ghost rider and Supreme Scream my husband and I went. Now you have to understand, he doesn't like high places. I got him to go on Supreme Scream, it is like 300 ft up or something and drops you straight down. I think he only went cause the other couple that we were with, otherwise I think he would have taken the last chance exit. We all got on and went to the top, I looked down...oh shit...then down we went. He said it wasn't as bad as he had thought, but he didn't volunteer to go back on. Then we went on Ghost rider and we went down the first drop and he yells out oh shiiittt! After the ride we see that they take your picture as you come down the first drop, he looked like he saw death....I had to buy the picture. I am going to get a scanner soon and I will scan it and post it in my fav pic section.

My fav movies and tv shows, well you first have to understand that I feel that you are only old as you feel. Some of my friends think that I act like I am still only fifteen or sixteen, maybe I do, I  sometimes feel like I am in my teens although I am not. Well anyway, Seventh Heaven, Party of Five (especially Charley, Julia, and Sarah), 90210 (my husband always used to call it 90242, our old zipcode).  My fav movies include, First Wives Club, Titanic (I really liked young Rose), Thelma and Louise, Wild Things, Urban Legends, Nutty Professor (with Eddie Murphy), Cape Fear, you get the idea.

On To My Business Side
I recently started my own business. I deal in gift ware, a lot of figurines, jewelry, stuff like that. I am working on taking it on the net, so when it is up and going on the net, I'll let you know. I also help other people get started in business. I have made it possible for an ordinary person off of the street with no business experience whatsoever, to start their very own profitable business. How much you make all depends on you, you can choose to run it as a part-time business working maybe two to four hours a week and make only two or three hundred dollars a week or you may want to go full scale and operate every aspect of the business that you can and gross more than a thousand each week. The way I started was part-time showing my catalogs and little bit of merchandise I purchased initially to friends at work and neighbors. I had less than one hundred dollars invested back then, within three weeks I had made my hundred dollar investment an extra two hundred and fifty dollars profit (which I decided to re-invest in my company and make even more and open new divisions). If you think you may be interested, email me and I will be happy to send you more info.

Now My Fantasy Side
My fantasies are varied from time to time, but I will tell you about some of my favorite highlights. I fantasize a lot about seducing other sexy women. You know, kiss their neck, then their back and shoulders and then come around to the front to my fav part of a woman's body. Caress her nipples and then tease them with my tongue and slowly work my way down to her belly and then lower.

I also like to dream about being on a moonlit beach late at night and my hubby starts to seduce me after we have had a bit too much to drink. We lay out a blanket and make love under the stars and the moon and afterwards we just lay there and watch the water reflect the moonlight.