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What is a Webring
Web rings are basically a group of web sites are grouped together with a common interest. If you would like more information about web rings, simply visit

What is this webring about
We are about the idea that there should be a friendly place where bi-sexual or bi-curious females can group together and show off their home pages. That is how we started, now we have expanded and grown to offer even more products and services that might be of interest to our visitors and members. If you are a bi-sexual female; then we are all about you!

Why Should I Join
You should join if you have a home page and you would like to receive more traffic. You should join if you have a web site that may be of interest to either our members or visitors. You should join because you want to be part of a fast growing network of females like yourself.

How Do I Join
The first step to joining our webring is to read our policies to join the webring. Click here to go there, then go to our online sign-up center. You will find the link at the bottom of that page.

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