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Those of you who visit our site on a regular basis, thanks bi the way, know that we have a new site. We are really excited about it and we have a few new services to go with the new site. They are listed below, however some of these services may not be quite ready yet.

Stats Page
Find out if your web site is in the top 25! This newest service is now available! This list shows the top 25 sites and also the top 25 traffic sites due to the webring.

Bi-fem Friends Best Site Award
We now offer our members a new incentive to have the best site on the net. We are giving out awards for the best site on the net based  on  votes and stats.

Bi-fem Friends Cyber Mall
The official mall of the Bi-fem Friends Network has its grand opening set for early February.

Come back soon, because we are always adding new and improved services.

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