About Us

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Welcome, and thank you for being interested in Bi-fem Friends Webring. This section will describe our group as a whole, including all of our present operations. If you are unsure of what exactly a webring is and what purpose it serves, you should probably stop by HERE first.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the much neglected bi-sexual and bi-curious females in society to the best of our ability. To do this we offer a variety of services, including the webring, dating service, cyber-pal service, message board, and much more to come.

Our Goals

Our goals are ever expanding as we expand, but our number one goal is to be the best service on the internet. We try to incorporate all input received from our members and viewers into our final planning of new services.

Our Members

All of our members have one common bond with eachother, they all have home pages dealing with the bi-sexual lifestyle. They come from all walks of life, different backgrouds and thoughts on life, but yet they all share this one common bond. If you want to know more about our members, I would suggest that you click on the 'list' link on one our members' pages or on our 'home' page to learn more about their pages and then visit the ones that sound interesting to you.
About Us