I am glad to see that you are considering the possibility of joining our rapidly growing webring. When you join the webring you will notice increased traffic to your site, along with the knowledge that you now are a member of  a group of others that express the same feelings tha you do towards the automobile. The rules are simple here, so this won't take long and you will be on your way to joining our webring.

The very most important rule is that the html code for the webring MUST be pasted on your homepage at all times. It must appear on the first page, if your site has multiple pages it may also be posted on those pages as well, although it is not a requirement (we do appreciate it though). Please keep your links on your page updated  on a regular basis, this will help you keep your page fresh and visitors will be more impressed than depressed. Common courtesy is to be extended to everyone, no negative sites will be tolerated. All sites must be themed toward the automobile. In otherwords sites with a picture of a car on it and the complete text is about some guy looking to meet a girl and such will not make the criteria, there are other webrings for those type of sites. The webring is open to anyone and everyone who has a site that wants more exposure. This includes commercial sites as well, just as long as they follow the same guidelines as everyone else, there is no problem in some "free" publicity. If you know of any automotive sites and would like to submit them to be added in our link section just let me know, also if you know of any commercial sites that are looking for extra publicity refer them to our webring.

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