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There are several requirements that you and your site must meet before you can join Bi-fem Friends Official Web Ring. If you are interested in joining, please read the following requirements.

1: The site must be owned or co-owned by a bi-sexual or bi-curious female.

2: The site must be of interest to other bi-sexual or bi-curious females.

3: The supplied html code must be installed on your site within 24 hours of filing your application. (Refer to rule #8)

4: The html code must remain on your site during your active membership with us.

5: You must update us with any change of personal information such as email address, web site location, etc. as soon as it takes effect.

6: Your site must not contain any illegal information or hate propaganda.

7: Pornographic sites are not eligible, photos are allowed on your site, but it must also contain a variety of content.

8: All sites must list the page that contains the webring html code as their home page in their application. If you keep all of your webring html codes on page "c" and your official home page is page "a", you must list page "c" as your home page on your application. You then should include a link on page "c" to your home page (page "a").

9: Due to problems in the past, all members should now cut and paste the html code images the logo and next site and save them on your site as "logo1" and "next".

These rules are subject to change and all changes will be posted here and emailed to you at least seven days prior to becoming effective.

To join, visit our online application center now, just click here.

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