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We offer several types of sponsorship programs. These range from basic advertising banner programs to suggestive mailing programs to our members and visitors. Click on the section header to receive more information. If you offer an affiliate program and would like to submit an offer to us, please email us and include "affiliate program" in the subject space.

Basic Banner
Our Basic Banner Sponsorship Program allows you to have a banner placed in our Products section, which is our advertising page. You receive a space of 400 by 60 pixels. Your banner cannot be animated.
There is a 3 month minimum run time.
Cost: 1st 3 months: $25.00
Ea. Add Mo.: $5.00

Basic Banner Plus
This program is exactly as our program above, except that animated banners are allowed.
Cost: 1st 3 months: $45.00
Ea. Add Mo.: $5.00

Suggestive Banner 
With this program you receive a space of 400 by 60 pixels on two general sections of our site, plus you receive a space of 400 by 200 pixels on our Products section. In addition we will send out email to our members' list and our visitors' list suggesting your product or service.
Cost is by quote only and varies upon which sections you choose to advertise on.

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